Wind energy project logistics
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INFINITY`s heavy lifting and transport expertise optimize wind and renewables projects, bringing deadlines forward and reducing the cost per megawatt.

As the wind industry matures and increases in scale in Vietnam, Infinity`s heavy lift and transport services ensure wind farm construction is efficient, safe, and on schedule.
A wind tower is constructed of many components, of which the main components are blades, tower parts, nacelle, and hub.
The blade is the longest component and the nacelle is the heaviest.


In the prospect of transporting and supplying logistics services for the wind power industry, INFINITY provides full services from tailer-made solutions from investigating to actually multimodal transportation of wind turbine equipment to site and installation 

Diversified sizes of wind turbine components make it quite challenging for transportation, especially to some limits of transport infrastructure and difficult terrain as in Vietnam. Some wind power projects even locate at places where local infrastructure may not accommodate such heavy and long components. To solve the issues, INFINITY has equipped itself with special transport equipment such as modular trailers or blade adapter trailers for specially and successfully handling these jobs. Moreover, when it happens to limit local infrastructure, we need to work with authorities to help the contractor make smooth logistics routes.

Although the industry is quite many years ahead in the world, it has just been concentrated in a few years in Vietnam lately. And the industry will surely bloom in Vietnam soon due to the governments policy has been loosened, making way for it to attract investors and grow. Catching that trend, Infinity has invested in specialized equipment and experienced professionals and during that time, we have been a sub-contractor for the transportation of a few wind farm projects in Vietnam, which brought us many experiences and strong ability in transporting for both onshore, nearshore, and offshore wind farm.

As wind power energy is a very special and unique industry, which has many of its practicalities, we have to build up each very own solution to every project to minimize cost as well as safely transport all components to the site on time. It involves investigating, calculating, working with authorities, custom clearance, heavy lifting, trucking, supervising, and operating. INFINITY believes that with our certified ISO 9001:2015 for the wind turbine transportation field granted by one of the most famous accreditation boards in the world ANAB, we will be a reliable and capable partner in the field.

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