Warm Robusta Coffee Beans
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With a strong coffee taste, Warm Robusta Coffee Beans is the perfect choice for coffee lovers who like strong coffee and rich in tradditional flavors. BMT commits to bring the  best quality Warm Robusta Coffee Beans to customers. 

➦ Ingredients: 100% Robusta coffee beans
➦ Flavor: strong bitter taste, gentle and seductive aroma with a litle sour taste
➦ Color: dark brown or back
➦ Bartending: both filter and coffee machine
➦ Instructions:
Step 1: Roast and grind coffee
- Use pan, mini roaster or microwave with small amount of coffee beans
- Roast at a temperature of 180 Celsius degrees
- Increase to 200, 235 or 250 Celsius degrees after the first changing of color or after the first explosion
- Turn off the stove after the second explosion and pour cofffee beans into the tray, then wait for 24 hours
- Grind and store in a sealed glass jar in a clean dry
Step 2: Bartending
- Put about 3-4 teaspoons into the filter, then shake gently so that the coffee powder can spread in the filter and take the lid on the inside of the filter to gently press the coffee powder down.
- Add about 20ml of hot boiling water into the filter, wait for the water to soak into the coffee powder. Finally, you add about 45ml more boiling water to the filter and wait until the water in the filter runs down the glass, then mix the sugar and enjoy.
Depending on your different preferences, you can add ice or milk to your coffee. However, to enjoy the full taste of this coffee bean, you should not add too much, it will dilute and overwhelm the inherent bitterness of the product.
➦ How to preserve?
+ Warm coffee with unroasted Robusta beans can be left in the package and stored in a dry place.

+ After grinding, you should store it in a glass jar and cover it tightly to avoid moisture and sunlight.

+ Each batch of roasting should only roast just enough to use from 2-3 days to use is best.
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