PMMA Engineering Plastic
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Green Roofing Company Limited has 10 years of experience importing and processing high-quality polycarbonate sheet materials and engineering plastics (PC, PMMA, PETG, PETG, PS, etc). In this article, Green Roofing would like to introduce to customers PMMA Engineering Plastic.

1. What is engineering plastic?

Engineering plastics are commonly used for parts that require high-temperature resistance, hardness, mechanical strength, and chemical resistance. Its excellent mechanical properties make it an ideal material for applications that demand high strength and durability.

They are often used in fields such as automotive, aerospace, industrial, healthcare, and measurement equipment, making them suitable for applications that require special and reliable properties.

2. Specifications:

- Material: 100% PMMA resin
- Structure: Sheets, rods, bars
- Design: Extrusion technology
- Colors: Various colors

3. Advantages/Features:

- Natural lubricating properties reduce frictional wear.
- Excellent mechanical properties such as abrasion resistance and high impact strength.
- Ability to resist common chemicals.
- Good heat resistance and electrical insulation in normal environments.

4. Applications/Uses:

✔ Automotive Manufacturing: A metal substitute solution that reduces weight, noise, and can be used in transmission systems, brakes, and air conditioning.
✔ Aerospace: A solution for good dimensional tolerance and friction interaction of contact points.
✔ Textile Industry: Used to make bushings, trunnions, rollers, and adjusting nuts for weaving and packaging machines.
✔ Petrochemical Industry: A material that can be used in digital loggers, integrated controls, cables, marine lifting tubes, and drilling pipes.
✔ Healthcare and Medical Care: Can be used in surgical instruments, medical tubing, endoscopes, dental implants, and more.
✔ Tools and Measuring Devices: Used to manufacture test tube joints, electronic insulation membranes, and various connecting devices.

Green Roofing is committed to providing customers with quality products that meet international standards. If you have any questions, please contact the hotline for consulting support. Very pleased to serve you!

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