Stainless Steel Scrap Purchase
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Stainless Steel Scrap Purchase
Stainless steel items found in homes, offices, and factories needn’t be discarded after use. Many individuals consider liquidating them to prevent waste and gain back some value. To avoid the false price quote when trading, it’s important to understand the current price of stainless steel scrap and where to find the highest paying buyers. The information provided below will answer these questions.
1. Classification stainless steel scrap:

❖ To determine the current price of stainless steel scrap in Vietnam, it’s essential to distinguish between various types of stainless steel. According to scrap purchasing companies, stainless steel scrap falls into three categories:

Type 1: This category includes stainless steel types 316 and 304, which are the highest-priced stainless steel scrap on the market. They are typically sourced from factories specializing in high-end appliance manufacturing, with a particular focus on the price of 304 stainless steel scrap.

Type 2: Also known as stainless steel 201, this type combines various alloys, with a minimal percentage of stainless steel. However, they are valued for their aesthetic appeal, shine, and affordability.

Type 3: Comprising 403 stainless steel and basic stainless steel, this category is the least expensive and commonly used in furniture production.

2. Price quote for purchasing stainless steel scrap:
❖ By understanding all the information of transactions between both sellers and buyers, you can have a beneficial deal for the specific pricing for each type of stainless steel scrap. As scrap prices, including stainless steel scrap, fluctuate over time. Therefore, to stay informed and avoid being misled by unreliable purchasing places, it’s advisable to regularly consult the stainless steel scrap price list whenever you plan to liquidate.
❖ Stainless steel scrap prices not only depend on general market fluctuations but also vary from one purchasing facility to another. To maximize your returns, you need to identify a reputable facility that offers the highest prices for stainless steel scrap.
❖ In this regard, one option can provide you with a sense of security. Not only does it offer competitive prices for stainless steel scrap, but it also enjoys a solid reputation, chosen by many when they decide to liquidate these items. The current stainless steel scrap prices are consistently updated to accommodate customer needs.
❖ Moreover, a team of dedicated professionals ensures that your selling experience is satisfactory. Your items will be accurately classified, priced, and weighed transparently. Additionally, a fleet of specialized and secure trucks and trailers is available for transportation.
❖ After collection, the facility takes care of the scrap warehouse cleanup free of charge for customers. The company offers prompt on-the-spot payment or payment according to your preferred schedule.
Binh Duong Xanh operates seven days a week, making it convenient for you to arrange scrap liquidation. Simply pick up the phone and call the hotline number, and the staff will gather the necessary information and promptly arrange collection at your location. Alternatively, you can visit the company directly for an unproblemation transaction.

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