Honeycomb Wrapping Paper
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Honeycomb Wrapping Paper
◹◸◹◸ Simplify your gift wrapping with Zimbi Honeycomb Wrapping Paper. As well as valuing the ordinary, using the honey wrapping paper also adds excitement to every present. This trendy and high-traffic paper features eye-catching honeycomb designs that elevate your gift-giving experience. Say goodbye to dull wrapping and impress your loved ones with an exceptional presentation.
1. General information:

◹◸ Honeycomb wrapping paper, also known as honeycomb wrapping paper, is used for product packaging purposes. Easily degradable in the natural environment, this paper can be easily bleached to produce commonly used white paper, and the recyclability is 100%, so it is extremely safe for the environment.
◹◸ There is no need of sophisitcated technique related to the form or production of products, so its price is really reasonable. Thus, the  kraft paper is increasingly popular in the market.
◹◸ Usually the traditional natural color is yellow. Depending on the percentage of different ingredients, the natural color is often found in shades of yellow-brown, gray-yellow, and black-brown.
◹◸ The ability to absorb moisture and oil is good, so it is often used as food packaging.
2. Characteristics:

◹◸ Tough, so bearing to help the storage and preservation of goods are always guaranteed
◹◸ Low cost, helping businesses save investment costs for printing and packaging.
◹◸ Common, often applied in all fields.
◹◸ The characteristic natural color resembles the color of wood, giving it a classic luxurious feel.
◹◸ There is no need to bleach or spray more colors as its original colour looks beautiful. In addition, this product is 100% safe for human health.
◹◸ Does not react to produce toxic substances when subjected to high temperatures, so it is very safe.
◹◸ High reusability makes it possible for consumers to utilize them in their daily lives.
◹◸ Easy to decompose in the natural environment should be the first solution in environmental campaigns.
◹◸◹◸ Coming up with many vintage idea for your gift-giving solution with Honeycomb Wrapping Paper by contacting Zimbi to explore our captivating designs that leave a lasting impression. Let express the art of delightful gift presentation and make every occasion memorable. Connect with us today for a touch of excitement in your wrapping!

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