HDF Veneer Wood Door
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1. Feature and application
* Features:

- HDF wooden doors have better soundproofing features compared to other types of doors thanks to the honeycomb structure inside.
- Absolutely no termites due to raw materials have been processed through chemicals.
- HDF wooden door ensures certainty and high aesthetics for your home.
- Absolutely no warping due to the production materials have been removed wood grain.
* Application:

- HDF (High Density Fiberboard) wooden doors are designed with luxurious style, with many different colors to choose from to give customers a variety of design, design and color options for your home.
- HDF industrial wood doors are often used for residential buildings, townhouses, villas, apartments, hotels, resorts, restaurants, schools, hospitals, entertainment areas, ...

2. Structure
- 3.2mm thickness HDF door panels are imported from United States Masonite Corporation in Malaysia.
- The inner wood is pine, acacia, and chopped wood, which have been treated with drying industry to combat warping, termite.
- Glue used is 2 in 1 milk glue, with water resistance, high heat resistance. The door is connected between the skeleton and 2 in 1 milk glue under the pressure of hydraulic machine over 50 tons. Hydraulic presses are imported from Taiwan, China standard pressure creates a strong connection for the door. Through testing at the factory has confirmed the stable door quality from the inside out, no cracks, warping so when used will not cost maintenance.
- Products after quality standards will be cleaned by industrial hygiene methods and transferred to the paint room to spray paint, spray paint color according to customer requirements.
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