MDF Veneer Wood Door
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1. Product details
* Structure: 

MDF - Medium Density Fiberboard is a process of processing from natural wood to wood fibers, then softened mechanically and then mixed with glue and chemicals. The wood fibers after adhesion will be formed into molds and put into compression with average compression force. 
Outside are two MDF panels made of wood pulp mixed with a special glue and then pressed with high temperature and pressure to create a firmer material than any natural wood.
Inside the two panels is the skeleton made of natural wood evenly distributed over the entire door.
The connection between the two industrial wood panels and the natural wood frame is pressed with a special glue used to glue the wood and then cut to fit and painted PU.
Covering the outside of the two MDF boards is a veneer layer made of real wood suitable for luxurious and modern designs.

* MDF Veneer doors and windows:

Price details include: Wings + Frame + brace + paint finishing + 3 stainless steel margins + lock (if any) 
Standard size: 800 x 2,100 mm or 900 x 2,200 mm (or according to customers actual requirements). 

* Specifications: 

 Frame 40 x 110mm made of natural wood, splint only 2 sides 40 x 10mm
 Wing thickness 40mm (± 2).
 Outside are 6mm MDF veneer panels.
 Inside is a natural wooden frame that has been treated to eliminate wood grain, preventing warping.
 PU finishing.


2. Advantages
- Enhance sound insulation, no warping, shrinkage.
- Diverse models.
- Increasing the life of metal accessories
- Saving wood
- Use a specialized join system, adjustable hinges, synchronized accessories system to ensure tightness to help the door open smoothly.
- Fully automatic industrial paint line helps protect wood better, increases product life and enhances aesthetics.
- Reasonable product price.
- Simple and modern design, high aesthetics, low price and environmentally friendly, should be preferred in Western countries and applied as a room door for apartments, high-class villas, ...
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