Korean ABS Plastic Door
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- Structure of Korean ABS plastic door is designed by 5 layers, the outer two layers are DeCo-Sheet of composite resin, which is suitable for surfaces like real wood grain and is not hygroscopic. The two inner layers are ABS Sheet which is a special plastic (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and other special additives, so it has good fire resistance.
- The middle layer has PVC wood pressed around the wings to create stability and catch the key. Next is LVL hardwood arranged in many layers to minimize expansion and warping. Finally, the Honey-Comb is reinforced in the middle to maximize the insulation and sound insulation. 
- The upper layers are connected together by special glue and pressed by a 7 tons hydraulic machine for 10 hours, creating a 39mm thick door, sure, not warping, ... 
- Standard size: 800 x 2,100 mm
  + Price: 2,700,000 VND / set (wings + frame + covered with faux wood grain finishing).
- Standard size: 900 x 2,200 mm
  + Price: 2,800,000 VND / set (wings + frame + covered with faux wood grain finishing).
- Also can produce according to required size


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