HPWC Power Cable Copper Conductor, PVC Insulated...
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HPWC Power Cable Copper Conductor, PVC Insulated Cover
HPWC Power Cable consisting of copper conductor, PVC  insulated cover is one of the types of cables widely used on the market today in the fields of fire alarm systems, telecommunication , and purchasing centers, and also varied places: shopping, hospitals, high-rise buildings, airports, public places, etc.
✬ Product introduction:

✓ Structure: Copper/PVC
✓ Conductor: Soft copper (level 2)
✓ Insulation: PVC
✓ Standard: AS/NZS 5000.1
✓ Cable identity: Black or desgin as required
✬ Cable characteristics:

☄ Rated voltage (U0/U): 0.6/1kV
☄ Maximum temperature of conductor during normal operation: 75 degrees Celsius
☄ Maximum conductor temperature in internal short circuit during 5 seconds:

For the cross section of conductor > 300 mm²: 140 degrees Celsius
For the cross section of conductor ≤ 300 mm²: 160 degrees Celsius

☄ Minimum bend radius: 8 x D (D: outer diameter of cable)
✬ Specifications of product:

At HPWC, we have always invested in our production lines, equipment, and technological machinery to produce quality fireproof cables at reasonable prices. Please contact us for advice and to buy cables with many attractive offers.

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