Bamboo Toothbrush
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- Produced from 100% natural, biodegradable bamboo
- No harmful chemicals, safe for users
- Bamboo straws have 3 sizes:
 + Size S: diameter from 4 to 6 mm
 + Size M: diameter from 7 - 9 mm
 + Size L: diameter from 10 - 12 mm
- Standard length: 17 cm.
- Soft bristles
- Color: white and light brown



Usage and preservation

1/ Soak your brush in hot water, if possible, add a little salt or lemon juice, this is a way to help the enzyme content from the dissolved bamboo mold not have good conditions to grow
2/ Hang the bamboo brush upright on the wall so that the water can drain most easily
3/ Heat up your cover brush with the hairdryer every time you handle the dryer
4/ Exposure to natural sunlight is the best method to get rid of mold
5/ Used for 2 to 3 months, so with the age of use is not too long so a brush only needs to be soaked, dried about 10-12 times to change to a new brush.
Note: In hot and humid climate of Vietnam, the product is recommended to be used for 02 months and stored in a dry place away from mold. The surface of natural bamboo is very susceptible to mold and if you see this happening you are using an untreated 100% natural product.


Return policy

♦ Terms of exchange:
- Products must still have the seal of HUHIPRO or the manufacturer intact.
- Product identified as technical defective by HUHIPRO Technicians or the manufacturer.
- Received products must be intact shell, foam and full of attached accessories, promotional gifts (if any)
- The received product is not defective in appearance (scratched, broken,, etc)
- The products received back must have all accompanying documents such as (proof of purchase, VAT invoice if any, warranty card, manual, catalog, etc

♦ Returning process and procedure:
- Customers contact directly to HUHIPRO shop
- After having a Certificate of status with the content of damaged goods due to technical errors that cannot be repaired immediately, the exchange of goods will be made in accordance with the regulations of
- HUHIPRO and its authorized manufacturer or Service Center.
- Processing procedures for exchanging or returning goods are conducted within 07 days from the date HUHIPRO receives all required information and documents from customers.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information!

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