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VnAgroExports - GNF Japan Co., Ltd
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Company name :
VnAgroExports - GNF Japan Co., Ltd
Business category : Coffee - Manufacturers And Exporters | Herbs And Spices (ginger, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Anise,.) | Fresh Fruits (dragon Fruit, Mango, Lychee,..) - Manufacturers And Suppliers
Business type : Manufacturer, Trading Company
Main market : Vietnam, Japan and International
Tax code : 6001750510
Company name: VnAgroExports - GNF Japan Co., Ltd
Business type: Manufacturer, Trading Company
Main market: Vietnam, Japan and International
Tax code: 6001750510
Company information

VnAgroExports provide high-quality and reliable Vietnam coffee, fruits, and spices at low price to countries around the world.

VnAgroExports have established reliable partners with coffee and fruit farms in the highlands of Vietnam.

To provide safe, secure, and trustworthy specialty coffee bean and fresh & dried fruits products worldwide. We prioritize building long-term relationships with our customers.

We guarantee with our motto higher quality and lower prices than other companies.

We are a reasonably fabless and farmless organization located in Buon Ma Thuot in the highland of Vietnam. If you are looking for a partner in Vietnam, we do not recommend you to find a specific product producer who owns plantations. Because they are only guided to a certain product and a certain plantation, it means information is limited. and you might not reach what you are looking for.

However, we are a fabless and plantation-less organization, which means that we have
partnerships with more than 100 farms covering approximately 1,000 hectares in the highlands of Vietnam, which allows us to provide our clients with the most effective information based on the best available information. There are several reasons why we are chosen:

1. We have established a wide network of reliable coffee and fruit growers, farmers, and suppliers across Vietnam.
2. We have strict quality control measures in place to ensure that the coffee and fruits we export meet international standards
3. Our extensive product variety allows us to cater to the specific demands and preferences of our clients.
4. We strive to offer competitive pricing for our exported coffee and fruits. Guarantee lower prices than others.
5. Our partner farms minimize the use of pesticides while promoting biodiversity of natural resources.

VnAgroExportsは、長年コーヒー事業をベトナムの地で行ってきた代表 西島と、ベトナム高原地帯の農 業改革を 10 年にわたって行ってきた、Mr. Tuによって設立されました。

ベトナム高原地帯地域のフルーツ農園、コーヒー農園など信頼できるパートナー関係を構築し、ベトナム農 産物輸出アライアンス協定のもと安心・安全・高品質な商品を低価格で世界中へお届けしています。他社様 の取引証明書をご提示頂けましたら、弊社のモットーであります「他社よりも高品質・低価格」をお約束させて頂きます。

1. 私たちはベトナム全土で、信頼できる生産者様とのみアライアンスを構築し幅広いネットワークを確立して います。
2. 私たちは輸出する各商品が国際基準を満たしていることを保証するため、厳格な品質管理体制を構築してい ます。
3. 私たちは幅広い高原地帯の生産者様とのネットワーク構築により豊富な品揃えでお客様のご要望にお応えしております。
4. 私たちは幅広いネットワークを駆使し、他社には必ず負けない自信のある価格をお客様へ保証しておりま す。
5. 私たちは資源の再利用など多様性を促進しながら、農薬の使用を最小限に抑える取り組みを生産者様と行っておりますお気軽にご連絡くださいませ。代表 西島

Major products:
- Coffee: Robusta Coffee, Arabica Bean, Culi Bean, Original Blend Bean.
- Fresh Fruits: Durian, Dragon fruit, Mango, Avocado, Passion fruit, etc.
- Dried fruits: Dried Durian, bananas, Lychee, Mango, Dragon fruit, etc.
- Spices: Black Pepper, Turmeric, Cardamom, Star Anise, Cloves, Lemongrass, Chili Peppers and Nutmeg and Mace, etc.
- Cocoa: Cocoa powder (Cacao)
- And others such as Nuts.

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