Vuong Thanh Cong Manufacturing And Trading Co., Ltd
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Vuong Thanh Cong Manufacturing And Trading Co., Ltd
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Company name :
Vuong Thanh Cong Manufacturing And Trading Co., Ltd
Business category : Coffee - Manufacturers And Exporters | Tea - Manufacturers And Exporters
Business type : Manufacturer
Main market : FDI in Vietnam
Tax code : 6001499752
Year established : 2015
Company name: Vuong Thanh Cong Manufacturing And Trading Co., Ltd
Business type: Manufacturer
Main market: FDI in Vietnam
Tax code: 6001499752
Year established: 2015
Company information

Vuong Thanh Cong Trading And Production Co., Ltd has 7 years of professional operation ranging from planting, preliminary processing, roasting, and selling to the market to successfully developing a large production chain.

Vuong Thanh Cong not only promoted business development but also collaborated and linked the consumption of 7 cooperatives and 13 households. We have converted 65 hectares of coffee from inorganic to organic (2 cooperatives and 13 households), have certified organic coffee on 1.4 hectares, are doing procedures on 4 hectares, and consume high-quality products from 5 cooperatives.

You can learn more about our operation through the following articles:
+ Người xác lập vị thế cà phê Organic
+ “Gói” nắng gió đại ngàn vào ly cà phê
+ Chinh phục sản phẩm khó hiểu như.. phụ nữ

Vuong Thanh Congs quality commitment:
☑ 100% pure coffee, large, ripe coffee beans
☑ Brings a gentle fragrance with a strong taste
☑ Not impregnated with any chemicals - Certified for food safety, ISO 22000:2018, OCOP
☑ Make large orders quickly at the most competitive price.

In addition, Vuong Thanh Cong also cooperates in the commercial production of handicraft products from coffee, and also shares with the coffee community such things as coffee knowledge, planting techniques, harvesting, processing, roasting, blending, tasting, setting up shop, marketing, etc.

Vuong Thanh Congs signature products:
+ Green coffee, coffee beans, coffee powder, freeze-dried coffee
+ Coffee bean skin shell tea (Cascara), coffee flower tea
+ Detox coffee
+ Coffee wine, coffee liqueurs, etc.

Vuong Thanh Congs 7 best achievements in the coffee industry of Dak Lak Province:
1. Received the first and only organic coffee certificate from Dak Lak Province (National Program)
2. The first company to be promoted to the provinces highest OCOP ranking in the 4-star coffee industry
3. A local coffee company with its own song
4. The first company to organize the exchange of knowledge and experience (9 issues) for the coffee community
5. Successfully research and produce coffee wine
6. The first company to successfully research and produce coffee flower tea
7. Be honored as the enterprise for the development of agriculture, farmers and rural areas in Vietnam.

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