Air Freight
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Air Freight helps customers to easily exploit the efficient air transport process. In other words, it is the use of an aircraft to transport high-value goods and parcels.

➦ Advantages of our service:
➣ No abstruction of the terrain surface
➣ Extremely fast and on time
➣ Less risky than other models of transportation
➣ Lower cost for shipping insurance
➦ Disadvantage of our service:
➣ Higher cost compared to other shipping method
➣ Limited loading capacity
➣ Easily affected by weather conditions
➦ Suitable goods of our service:
➣ Airmail and express parcels
➣ Live animal, human organs or remains
➣ Medicine
➣ High-value items (gold, diamonds, antiques)
➣ Technical equipment (high-tech goods, spare parts)
➣ Luxury goods (electronic, appliance, fashion)
➣ Perishabale goods (food, fresh flowers, frozen products by dry ice)
➦ Reason to choose our service:
➣ Reputation: inland and import-export transport service for a variety of goods
➣ Conscientious: advanced modern vehicles, machine and equipments 
➣ Flexible: commitment of safety, intergrity and non-demage of goods
➦ Procedure of our service:
1/ Sign contract with the service company
2/ Book flight
3/ Pack goods
4/ Export customs clearance
5/ Release AWB
6/ Receive documents in advance by email
7/ Arrival notice
8/ Delivery order (D/O)
9/ Import customs clearance
10/ Receive goods
WM Logistics provides transport solutions at competitive prices with fast shipping time. Please contact us for further discussions.

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