Coffee beans for coffee machine
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1. Product information:
- Product name: Coffee beans for coffee machine
- Place of origin: Vietnam
- Flavor: Attractive flavor blends with chocolate bitterness
- Ingredients: 60-80% Robusta coffee & 20-40% Arabica coffee


2. Product description:
- Coffee beans for coffee machine from Vietnam has just been introduced to the world. Coffee beans for coffee machine are usually Robusta coffee, roasted in American level or City level.
- The requirement for coffee for machine in Vietnam is quite unique: Unpasteurized coffee and thick crema, the coffee beans in Vietnam must be bold, strong and not sour. Many foreign tourists like the flavor of this type of coffee.
- Buon Me Coffee understands the taste of Vietnamese brewed coffee and successfully created Espresso coffee line to meet the requirements of customers.
- The coffee of Buon Me ensures to keep dark, bold, no oil.
For further information please feel free to contact Buon Me Coffee Import Export Service Trading Co., Ltd!

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