Crispy roasted soybean
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1. Nutritional value of soybeans:
- Soybean contain 8% water, 5% inorganic substances, 15-25% glucose, 15-20% fat, 35-45% protein, necessary amino acids and many vitamins and minerals.
- Compared to meat, soybeans are more nutritious: 100 grams of soybeans have 411 calories 34 gr protein 18 gr fat 165mg calcium 11mg iron.
- Most importantly, in soybeans there is a chemical similar to female estrogen hormones that is proved by scientific to be very good at treating and preventing certain diseases, that is isoflavones.

2. Product description:
- In order to meet the tastes of consumers, we have launched a new product called crispy roasted soybeans - a nutritious and convenient food.
- The product is not only delicious, but also very nutritious, good for the heart, preventing the risk of osteoporosis, very good for health, especially for women.
- Crispy roasted soybean has become one of the favorite dishes of many people with a salty, sweet, fatty taste combined with crunchy and crispy feeling.
- You can enjoy crispy roasted soybeans when watching movies, drinking coffee or tea.
For further information please feel free to contact Xuan Xuan Joint Stock Company!

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