HPWC XLPE Insulated Power Cable, Compacted Alumi...
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HPWC XLPE Insulated Power Cable, Compacted Aluminum Conductor
Hoang Phat HPWC is a company specializing in manufacturing electric cables and other high quality products including XLPE insulated power cables with compact aluminum conductor. This product has been welcomed by our consumers and partner companies because of its sturdy structure and outstanding insulation ability.
✬ Product introduction:
☑ Structure: Al/XLPE/PVC

Conductor: Aluminum (grade 2, compacted)
Insulation: XLPE
Filler: PP tape (if needed)
Outer layer: PVC (type ST2)

☑ Standards: TCVN 5935-1, IEC 60502-1
☑ Cable identity: the colour of the tape located between conductor and insulated layer having colour.
☑ Cable core:

Phase cores: Red, yellow, blue
Neutral core: Black
Cable cover: Black

✬ Cable characteristics:
✓ Rated voltage (U0/U): 0.6/1kV
✓ Maximum temperature of conductor during normal operation: 90 degrees Celsius
✓ Maximum conductor temperature in internal short circuit during 5 seconds:  250 degrees Celsius
✓ Minimum bend radius: 8 x D (D: outer diameter of cable)
✬ Specifications of product:

Hoang Phat HPWC electric wires and cables are all certified by the Quality Measurement Technical Center 3 as conforming to TCVN/IEC standards. If you need to buy electric cables, please contact us for advice and receive many attractive offers.

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